This was by far one of the best experiences as a speaker, with all your communication started early, arrangements made early, clear instructions, etc. Thank you very much. Congratulations on what was clearly a well-planned conference. Few people know what it takes to have an event run smoothly.

Dr Lehan Stemmet

Guest Speaker - Taupo Conference 2019

The relationship between LAPA and Schindler has been a strong and fruitful one. In over 5 years that Schindler has been an active member of the LAPA association we have developed a close network of contacts that we have got to know personally. This close relationship has added to our understanding of the different councils day to day business. We find that the Schindler stand is well received and the LAPA members are encouraging of our efforts and responsive to the Schindler brand and our technical knowledge. At Schindler we value this relationship and look forward to continuing our support into the future. We would recommend LAPA as a professional association to support and get along side.

Kirk Doran

Schindler Lifts NZ Ltd (Sponsor)

As a founding member of LAPA I am proud that the organisation is achieving two of its key objectives, being training and advocacy for the benefit of both Councils and property participants. The current structure of the annual conference into differing streams, recognises the diverse nature of the property professional, with the topics as well as the presenters providing insightful information and advice to all attendees who can then apply that knowledge in their working environments. The nature of the business like many others is constantly changing but information sharing annually on a national basis allows all participants to keep up to date on issues and resolutions. Historically Council property questions, particularly those related to national issues were either not responded to or answered by non-property staff in Councils. This resulted in much incorrect or irrelevant information being provided. LAPA is now responding to these issues not only from a national perspective but also from a property perspective which is lifting the organisations and the professions profile I would encourage all Local Authority Property staff to be involved with LAPA including attending the annual conference where the benefit is not only about knowledge and information but the networking and friendships that are made and developed between the wonderful people that are involved in this line of work in their professional careers.

Kevin McNaught

Southland District Council (Member)

I just wanted to say that the organisation of this event was the best I have experienced. Well done to the team and thank you for such an interesting visit to Invercargill.

John Fellows

City Rail Link Project (Speaker)

I am pleased to write a testimonial for the Local Authority Property Association (LAPA). Forming LAPA Was a no brainer. Local Government is one of the largest property owners in New Zealand and there are many technical and varied aspects involved with owning, occupying, developing, purchasing, selling, maintaining and managing Council, properties. We recognised a need to provide an environment that offered the opportunity for Local Government property employees to support their professional and personal development in an environment focused on best practice. We partnered with some of New Zealand’s leading experts in the industry and through the annual conferences, regional meetings and our web site, provided best practice solutions, advice on current issues and general support. LAPA is also recognised by many Government organisations as representing Local Government property interests and is engaging with them to improve service delivery. The membership options provide Local Authority staff, sponsors, property consultants, contractors and anyone engaged or associated with Local Government property with the opportunity to engage on a professional and social basis. Membership of this professional organisation will provide ongoing opportunities for self improvement, industry contacts and professional support. I have no hesitation in commending LAPA for their excellent service and support to their members and sponsors.

Jim Frater

LAPA Life Member and Inaugural President